Going to the dentist can be overwhelming, especially as a young patient.

Dental Care for Children: Loveland’s Choice 

Why is dental care for children so important? Children’s “baby teeth” need to be cleaned and cared for as often as adult teeth do — at least twice a year. Plus, possible dental problems that would emerge in the future can be easily identified long before they begin to visibly alter your child’s mouth or dentofacial features. Given the chance, common issues can be identified early and preventative pediatric dentistry can be used instead of expensive emergency or cosmetic dentistry, saving you and your family time, money, and energy in the future.

The best age to start dental care is at age one or within six months of the first tooth having grown in. You may think that your child doesn’t have enough teeth yet to warrant a dental visit but that is far from the truth. Until a certain age, you’re in charge of the care of your child’s teeth. That first pediatric dental visit is a great time to learn the best practices for brushing and flossing another human’s teeth. The earlier your child becomes accustomed to brushing and flossing regularly, the better their dental health is as an adult and the more regularly they will take care of their teeth. Additionally, that first visit is the first opportunity to distinguish any emerging issues such as teeth growing too fast, a lack of space in your child’s mouth, or other more serious problems.

Our Care

At Rocky Mountain Smiles in Loveland, Colorado, we prioritize patience and compassion in treating all of our patients, especially the younger ones. We want our young patients to feel as comfortable as possible and have the best experience. There’s no reason for the dentist to be scary! We understand how overwhelming it can be which is why we maintain an energetic, positive, and understanding attitude in our work. We aim to make the dentist an enjoyable and informative experience to shape a positive and welcoming attitude to maintaining quality dental health in the future.

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