You May Have Heard Of Dental Implants Before, But What Are They?

The idea of implants may seem scary at first, but the reality is that dental implants are one of the best options available for achieving a lasting, healthy smile with natural-looking teeth. Imagine having the confidence to smile, laugh, eat, kiss, and talk again without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth! This may sound like a dream, but it is a reality that dental implants and the proper post-care can bring to many. 

So what do implants actually do for your smile? A simple way to visualize dental implants is to imagine them as human-made tooth roots. Just like real tooth roots, they are there to ensure your new artificial teeth are held steady in place and are sturdy, even when chewing hard foods. The process of getting dental implants is quite simple. A dental implant is placed and bonded within your jawbone. Next, a connecting piece is then fastened to the implant. Finally, a custom- made crown that perfectly resembles your real tooth’s look and feel is placed onto the connecting piece. The result? A smile stunning, gorgeous makeover that is well worth the tooth replacement price.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Besides having a perfect smile, there are a plethora of reasons why implants might just be right for you. As opposed to bridges or dentures, our dental implants allow your teeth to function naturally, look, and feel just like your natural teeth. It’s also one of the safest dental procedures available, and comes with predictable, positive results. The natural look of dental implants is so real that it is almost 100% undetectable to you and the people you meet. 

Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to eat and talk with reduced risk of rubbing, painful points, or sore spots in your mouth? This is all possible with the highly experienced staff at Loveland Dental Implants LLC, as well as our state-of-the-art dental implant procedures backed by our partner, Renew Anchored Dentures. One of the most wonderful aspects of dental implants is that each implant is not affected by other implants (they are not connected). This allows the natural growth and movement of the surrounding implants and real teeth. What does that mean for you? It means you no longer have to be concerned about other teeth neighboring teeth grinding or adhering to each implant. These implants can safely, effectively, and beautifully provide a permanent solution to existing teeth issues, and provide you with a life-long smile that others will be envious of. If you have worries about your long-term oral health, dental care, and smile, we urge you to consider setting up a dental implant consultation with our team today.

A Major Boost In Confidence

It’s incredible how a simple smile can affect yours and others’ lives so much from day-to-day. Think about the last time you felt comfortable showing a big grin to friends and family while having a missing tooth, or perhaps multiple teeth missing or damaged. It can even be hard to eat with guests knowing they may be looking at missing teeth in your mouth. How about talking to or even kissing a loved one? Having a bright, beautiful, and perfect set of teeth can make all the difference in reducing anxiety about everyday interactions with both strangers and people close to you. At Loveland Dental Implants LLC, we are 110% focused on reinvigorating your life with the confidence and self-esteem every one of us deserves through proper dental care and procedures.

Experience That You Can Trust

Dr. Paul Bigus also owns Rocky Mountain Smiles, which has been operating in Loveland since 2006. He has received numerous degrees and continues with ongoing training to ensure every patient is taken care of using the latest treatment methods. Dr. Bigus and his staff are committed to providing the latest and best possible techniques in dental implants.

Schedule A Dental Implant Consultation

If you’re excited about the prospect of gaining confidence along with a fantastic smile, then we’d be happy to discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for your dental implant consultation! We look forward to hearing from you soon.